Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas in 2009

Natalie was just coming along for the ride. After the wedding of Mary and Andrey Tiginyanu, she would later find out that I had tickets to see Stevie Wonder in concert at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live. We got see him play his classic songs and even his own kids joined him on stage to sing. Did I mention the Jonas Brothers were there too...I lost my hearing that night. We had dinner at the famous Wolfgang Pucks before the show, where we enjoyed a bunch of bread and lots of bread. Did I mention we had bread? Anyway, it was winter's night and all that was missing was snowflakes from the sky. Instead, we got spitballs being thrown from the rooftops...isn't that nice?

The weekend before that, Natalie got to join me at our company holiday party at the new Conga Room, where we danced all night. We had so much food too, including tamales...boy I can't get enough. I love to unwrap...grease. Anyway, she got to meet many of my colleagues and even my supervisor, Joan. I just hope she didn't see us dance because I would be out of job.

We had a great time at the company party. Here I am with the famous April, who is my gatekeeper. Natalie just buckles up when she's with me. She asks very little questions and always has a smile on her face...even when she's scared. I love her. She makes me smile, even when I have an upset stomach. Does anyone carry Pepto anymore?

Here we are taking pictures by the famous Grace Christmas Tree. I think it took 12 takes before I got the right smile for this picture. Mr. and Mrs. Tiscareno were also with us taking pictures...They have been such a blessing to me. I think we found a new tradition. Taking pictures next to a tree with ornaments. I think it should also be a tradition that every winter in California should feel like summer...come to think of it...it is. I'm so blessed.

Patricia and Trevor Schneeberger wed on Dec 12th

Patricia and Trevor got married earlier this month at Castaway. I only made it to the wedding reception because I had committed to spending the earlier part of my day with a few special kids at the California Science Center for the Curators/ Cyberchase program. I love these kids. They are extra special and spends their Saturdays with people like me to learn about math and science.

Anyway, the wedding reception was very colorful at this very classy place. It was a rainy day on December 12th. I'm glad Natalie was able to get there much earlier than I. She said the ceremony was beautiful. The service was at Grace Community Church, which is my favorite place to go hear the word. Here's a few pics from their engagement surprise party in Culver City.

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